Monday 30 September 2013

So Much Loot, Not Enough Space

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

It was very worthwhile guarding the Summer Festival grounds as now not only do I have a fancy new shield and clothes, but a pair of cute piggies to keep  me company, along with a few mercenaries who liked the way I do things. Once I returned to the city proper I decided to attempt the Orc Assault skirmish again, in regular mode this time. It was much the same as the Call to Arms event, but just less rewarding and we had a squad of guards assisting us. Still got a neat looking axe from it though!

Too bad it's not a foldable Gerber Kick Axe. That would rock.

My main problem now is what to do with all this loot that I don't want to sell. I think I'll have to break off from doing only Foundry Quests to run missions at the Blacklake District and Neverdeath Graveyard to get the extra bag rewards there. For such a common item they are insanely expensive at the city's auction house. It still didn't stop me from running a few Foundry tasks though:

Friendly Dragon Canyon @ lelua01 (NW-DPQZC8ARH)
This was a fun mission, having to help out a little dragonling with some pesky trolls. She even gave me a reward at the end!

Not so fun - in fact extremely repetitive, slaying the same four zombie hulks over and over underneath the city. To make things worse there was no reward chest at the end of it. Bleargh.

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