Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NBI 2015: Poetry Slam - PIXEL MONEY!

Here is my entry to this year's NBI poetry slam (which you only have a few days left to join in)! The topic this year is "Gold" and I thought this piece rightly shows just what most MMO players (myself included) are actually doing, be it intentional or not. I apologize now for the adult language and non-standard rhyme format. :P


Shiny coins, gold and wealth,
in game its better than health,
cause all life is cheap and free:
You just want that pixel money!

You can buy armor and pots,
home decor, weapons, lots!
Show off your bling if thats your thing!
Make your pixel money sing!

It's also pretty easy to get:
find a mob that ain't a threat,
kill it dead, make your hand red,
you'll get that pixel money yet!

Yup - its not made by a bank,
and it always smells very rank
the truth hits you with each scoop:
you're collecting critter poop!

They have bags you say?
Does that brighten your day?
What about those rats, spiders and bats?
Tentacled aliens or giant gnats?

You've found gold in them too
But have never before gone "Eww",
Cause you want what they've got
and you want awhole lot!


Rob that critter for PIXEL MONEY!
Reach into that corpse for PIXEL MONEY!
Up to your elbows in PIXEL MONEY!
Fill your bags with PIXEL MONEY!
Test it with your teeth! PIXEL MONEY!
Shower your friends with PIXEL MONEY!
Tell everyone about your PIXEL MONEY!

Cause he who has the most wins!



  1. Oh pixel money. If only real money was as easy to get as you are.

    Also don't think I'm testing it with my teeth where I get most of my pixel money from. :)