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Neverwinter Online: Reclamation Rock Vigilance Guide

[Part of my Neverwinter Online: Vigilance Quest Guide.]

Reclamation Rock is home to very dangerous bulettes, but it also has the easiest starting area of all the zones to complete. Personally, I've been using it as extra XP for my characters who already have finished the campaign. This guide will be using the same color coding as last time.

Green - Easy and/or fast.
Pink - If there's nothing else to do.
Red - Better to take a break than do these solo.


My favorite spot as it gives easy access to quest givers and to traveling back out to the world map. The instanced dungeon here is the Crypt of Ascension, and if you do decide to go in there you will find the entrance behind an illusionary rock face. Make sure you have both quests to make the trip more worthwhile if you do attempt it.

*Dassar Truebow
  • Adepts of Ascension - rescue acolytes    
  • Scouting Ascension - kill enemy scouts   
*Imbross Irri'karr
  • Black Earth Survey - investigate / disrupt training camps   
  • Cult Infiltrators - talk to infiltrators (usually on ground level)
  • Stealing Their Mettle - steal cult weapons
  • Scouting the Forest - talk to ranger scouts (usually on higher ground)
  • The Heroic Way - complete HE, rescue merchant
  • Tombs of the Watchful - Visit 5 tombs (open world) fight inhabitants, interact with something.
*Baram Hannikar
  • H1 - Heroics - As of this post, currently bugged and finishes by itself: Free XP.
  • Deployment Orders - get orders (pickup or mobs)   
  • Training Manuals - get training manuals    (pickup or mobs)
  • Cult Connection - gather journals from cultists (goes well with below)
  • Fighting the Earth - kill Rock Claws (the West cultist camp has 7 in the vicinity)
  • Grinding the Gravel - kill mercs and throwers  Leading the Avalanche - kill elementals (doesn't really mesh with any other quest)   


Ah the city. The grind of this zone begins now. Fortunately there is a secret tunnel (near one of the scouts) that leads up to the tavern to save travel time. There's also a new secret tunnel that leads from the cathedral to Scar Keep. From inside the cathedral if you are facing the doors, turn right and look for stairs down. The instanced dungeon here is the Underlift, and because the quest selection here is so poor I actually do recommend going in there (with 2 quests) to save time. The crazy bomb throwing dwarf boss in there isn't too bad. Just kill the adds and you will win. I sure hope you know how to tell the difference between a mimic and a treasure chest though (cursor has bag = regular chest).

*Brother Satarin (Cathedral)
  • Posting the Truth - put up posters. If contested by other players, switch channel.
  • Warding off Madness - gather materials to reinforce wards (tainted water x4/archon dust x4)
  • Holding the Streets  - draw out cultists on street. Use corners for cover or leave quest circle if hard pressed.
  • Rocky Foundations - kill 40 earth elementals. Not too bad since the marked zone has around 20. Archons count.
  • Rock Tumbler - kill galeb duhr. (Rare to find in the area, especially if contested)
  • Voices of Stone - kill 10 blackmantle sorcerers (more rare than above, even with the new summoning scrolls)
*Councilman Graves (Cathedral)
  • Rescue Mission - rescue workers from Underlift
  • The Verge of Collapse - stop bombs in Underlift
*Hedgewizard Nottin - (Scar Keep)
  • Hedging against Plague - not a vigilance quest (doesn't take up a slot), but good for bonus XP. Collect notes from cultists (100).
  • Call to Alms - collect alms (drops anywhere and pickup from zone) then hand them out
  • Recovering Reconstruction  - collect construction supplies (drop / pickup) and rebuild
  • Hero of the City- complete ANY HE (good combo with below)
  • Shaking up the Town  - complete Earthquake HE - High odds of others doing this as it is right outside the cathedral. If currently active, try get this and Hero of the City to complete both.
  • Hostile Induction - Complete Press Gang HE - can be difficult without aid or sniping from cliff top.


The most annoying area of all the zones purely because of it's crappy quest choices and tough or rare opponents. Expect to be here awhile. The instanced dungeon here is the Lost Tomb which happens to be where the Earth Prophet, Markos Unrayle is encountered. He has a pretty big room to fight in but isn't that much of a threat. Kill his adds while fighting (so kill him slowly) or lure him near the entry so you can murder him with ease. Because of the low quest choices here, I do recommend visiting this at least once (with two quests).

There are also Slaad (frog men) present who are numerous and pretty annoying to fight (long to kill/use up too much resources), so I try to avoid them.

*Captain Dunfield
  • Black Earth, Stone Heart - stop ceremonies in Lost Tomb
  • Stay of Execution - rescue captives from Lost Tomb
*Captain Lynn
  • Stone by Stone - Kill 3 Blackmantle Generals. All are casters. Not all are equally defended. Choose targets wisely.
  • By the Horns - hunt 6 gorgons. Slightly rare, one in Graveyard and one next to graveyard. Alternate as they respawn or channel hop.
  • Landshark - hunt 8 bulettes. Easy to find, but very dangerous.
  • Defying the Rock - HE Encounter. Very tough to win. Concentrate on the non-silver/golds on the wings to up the kill count quickly. Better odds for randoms to assist than the HE below.
  • Bannermen Forever! - Raise banner to spawn a Silver HE. Defend.
  • Taking Measures - take 500k damage and live. 15 min limit to complete. As a rogue and ranger I couldn't do this. Might be ideal for Cleric / Pally.
*Brother Theodosian
  • In Memorial - Check on Graves - Easy.
  • Stolen Memories - collect mementos (drops). Good combo with Defying the Rock.
  • Memorial Heroes - complete grave robber Silver HE. - Soloable but be careful.
  • Toad Bait - Close Slaad Limbo Portals. Often contested by other players. Best right AFTER the Slaad invasion event finishes.
  • Toadkiller - Kill Slaad, can find many to the East along the outer cliff.

Once that is all done, you just have to pick up the Earth seed and are finished with this area. That might be a little challenging though as one of the Blackmantle Generals sits right on top of it with two or three groups of lackeys. Get a buddy to help you clear it out or channel hop to find one that has recently been cleaned out. If you skipped the last part of Drowned Shore like I suggested, it is time to go back there and curb stomp everything.

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