Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Neverwinter Online: Spinward Rise Vigilance Guide

[Part of my Neverwinter Online: Vigilance Quest Guide.]

Welcome to the final zone of Elemental Evil! It is actually more travel friendly than all the previous zones as you unlock each island, however it can also be brutal in the way of combat, especially on the last island. Like before, be careful of pure melee groups of enemies. While it is easy to tell if a bunch of cultists are skirmishers, it is a little less obvious for air archons. Simply count the number of bows / blades they carry to know what to expect.

The repeating quest here is "Howling Hatred". Don't go out of your way to complete that until you reach the second island. There are also jumping puzzles (yay!) which are the easiest tasks to complete on each island. Basically you just have to find the correct jump point and then press and hold space bar while moving forward. If those big chunks of rock can fly through the air, why can't you?

Once at the top, you can either jump back the way you came or simply "fall" down. If you dodge just before hitting the ground, all your vertical momentum is halted and you take zero falling damage. Neat trick huh?

Last thing of note is a personal one here. I didn't go into -any- instanced dungeon as I felt there was enough to do top side so I can't give you any tips for those this time (other than don't go alone). At least it makes it exciting for you right? ;P

No point in changing the color coding now:

Green - Easy and/or fast.
Pink - If there's nothing else to do.
Red - Better to take a break than do these solo.


The first island introduces you to Kenku, Axebeaks, Owlbears and jumping puzzles! Unlike the cramped confines of the Fiery Pit, it's pretty safe to wander around here. There are two entries to the cult barracks, and the Western one next to the Kenku camp is less defended. You can also go in with style by jumping in from a glider tower.

*Harper Evandriel
  • Tome of Air - Jumping Puzzle! Starts at the tall western glider tower.
  • Learning to Fly - Collect 12 "flight" supplies from Glider towers (drops and pickup), kill 40 cultists
  • Air Cult Assault - HE Encounter Silver - self completes sometimes. Odds of getting help to complete is high.
  • Elemental Assault - HE Encounter Silver - self completes sometimes. Odds of getting help to complete is medium.
  • Air Supply  - Sabotage supplies 6 then 6 airships. Lots of Fighting.
  • Twin Breezes - Raid air cult barracks instance

*Skreel Swiftwing
  • Birds of a Feather - Rescue 6 kenku eggs. All guarded. Pickup.
  • Shiny Metal - collect 10 weapons from kenku (pickup from camp barrels and drop), kill 30
  • Kenku - defeat 40 kenku (goes well with two above)
  • Fight the Wind - defeat air archons in barracks instance

*Pirri The Swift
  • Target - Blackfeather - miniboss kenku. Kill fast as a kenku spawn lives right outside his cave.
  • Target - North Wind - miniboss hurricaine cultist. Kill fast he appears next to a large group of cultists.

*Brokar Ironshod
  • Flightless Fury - kill 15 axebeaks, 5 owlbears (doesn't mix well with any other quest)
  • Lesser Air Runes - Available after your first 16 tasks, mandatory to open teleporter to next island.


The second island is home to the rather safe cultist binding workshops, and the more dangerous air elemental summoning portals and altar of Yan-C-Bin. The encounters are a little stacked at Yan-C-Bin's place so expect multiple groups during combat there. Fortunately you should only need to do that a few times.

*Harper Evandriel
  • Greater Tome of Air - jumping puzzle! Starts from the only glider tower near the workshops!
  • Clearing the Air - add incense to 5 shrines at Yan-C-Bin's altar
  • Air Cult Assault - HE Silver - self completes sometimes. Low chance for players to assist.
  • Elemental Assault - HE Silver - self completes sometimes. Low chance for players to assist. 
  • Slaad Summoner - Kill the summoner in the Howling Maw instance

*Skreel Swiftwing
  • Order out of Chaos - Gather 15 Slaad control gems from cultists (drops). Can get them from Avia landing - easier fights = faster
  • Fiends of Limbo - Kill 40 Slaad at the pool of chaos. Slow to kill, doesn't even count if not in pool. Stupid.
  • Feeding the Slaadi - free sacrificial victims in Howling maw instance
*Pirri the Swift
  • Target - Windshear - Miniboss air archon - spawns near campfire. Kill fast to avoid archon respawn.
  • Target - Glark the Rancid - miniboss death slaad. Tough fight: Hardest of these mini boss assassinations. Expect to continuously evade moving AoE "monster" while fighting him.
*Druid Okobo
  • Unbound Anger - release 5 air eles. Easy, you only have to fight cultists to do so.
  • Windbreaker - disrupt 5 air ele portals. All guarded.
  • Archon Anarchy - kill 35 air archons (goes well with above)

*Brokar Ironshod
  • Greater Wind Runes - Available after you finish 16 of this set to unlock teleporter to the final island.


The final and most dangerous island is home to Cloud Giants who are rather adept at defeating adventurers since they never come alone. You'll get a "Scrying the Skies" mandatory quest to look through four telescopes which doesn't count to your Vigilance Quests but does give you a good idea of how the last island is laid out. The instanced dungeon here is Nimbus Tower which is probably where the Air Prophet is, but after hearing it takes 40 minutes to clear solo I opted to just leave it alone.

*Harper Evandriel
  • Grand Tome of Air - jumping puzzle! Starts from low broken tower next to two giants.
  • Eyes in the Sky - gather 6 intel reports from cultists (Farm at Avia)
  • War Chests - recover 12 war chest treasures (pickup, often guarded by cultists)
  • Whispers on the Wind - collect 10 messages from cultists. (drops at a low rate. Best farmed at Avia)
  • Air Cult Assault - HE Encounter. Very tough.
  • Elemental Assault - HE Encounter. Very tough.
  • Tempest in a Bottle - stop rituals in the Nimbus tower instance

*Skreel Swiftwing
  • Giantslayer - kill 8 cloud giants. Good news: they mostly come in pairs. Bad news: they mostly come in pairs.
  • The Cloud Forges - kill 4 cloud giant smiths. Usually come with air archons.

*Druid Okobo
  • Archon Anarchy - slay 40 archons at Thunderhead Reach.
  • Lofty Ideas - collect 5 air magic scrolls from cloud giants (drops)
  • Cloud Magic - collect air magic lore and win Nimbus Tower instance

*Pirri the Swift
  • Target - Rastari - kill cloud giant miniboss, the easiest cloud giant to kill since he comes alone!
  • Target - Grackel - kill owlbear miniboss, hits hard with no telegraph. Good practice of controlling AI, has no nearby allies.

Once that is done you just need to collect the Seed of Air, which might look like it's guarded by a giant and a bunch of air archons but if you dash along the left side and go all the way to the edge of the cliff they ignore you long enough for you to collect the seed and get out of there. Once that's done, congratulations - you have finished Elemental Evil! Enjoy your new artifact weapon. Don't forget that if you hit level 70, you can get an off hand artifact weapon too. See Sgt. Knox.. :)


  1. This is great. Really helped speed things up as a Paladin.

  2. This list is a GODSEND!

  3. To start the second questline you have to complet "Riding the winds". I think its given by the dwarf .

    1. Yep, to unlock the gates of the 2nd and 3rd island you have to do a short quest for the dwarf after completing the whole 16 vigilance tasks of the island before.

  4. My Scourge Warlock doesn't agree with the scale of difficulty for some quests (killing bulletes on Reclamation Rock was the easiest for me as they came alone) but overall I love this vigilance series of posts, it helped me a ton!! I'm on the first island of Spinward Rise and I can already see it's gonna take some time :P

    1. Hehe glad it helped even if it wasn't so accurate for your class! :)

  5. Thank you finally found a list of quests accepted for the various areas, was running missions and handing them in, only to find that after almost an hour doing them that they never counted towards the vigilance tasks, what idiot thought that one up!!! If not for this list I would have given up and gone back to ESO online ..but you saved me thank you

  6. Im on the 3rd island i completed scrying skies but now no vigilance tasks are showing up. Just the repeatable mission howling hatred. Is there someone else im suppose to talk to or a mission to do first. Theres no vigilance tasks available.

    1. Cryptic realized at just how crappy the whole repetitive vigilance task system was and finally have gotten rid of it, replacing them with a one time quest arc which I imagine is like any other zone.

      Alas I can't replay that since my chars are already done with it. :P