Friday, 1 May 2015

Neverwinter Online: Drowned Shore Vigilance Guide

[Part of my Neverwinter Online: Vigilance Quest Guide.]

Welcome to the Drowned shore. There is a repeating quest here called "Gutting Fish" from the Zhentarim Agents which you should always get for bonus XP. You'll complete it a few times while doing the vigilance tasks. I'll be using colors to indicate what quests should be prioritized and which should be avoided.

Green - Easy and/or fast.
Pink - If there's nothing else to do.
Red - Better to take a break than do these solo.


Main thing to note here are the mines. Glimmerstone is filled with lizardmen and some sea hags. Silverdrip is filled with sea trolls and many sea hags. These two are "open world" dungeons in that other people can just enter your same instance. The main trick here is to coordinate your tasks when you go in one or the other. Goldseeker's Folly is the INSTANCED dungeon, which means you will not get randoms helping you out. Don't go in there unless you either have both quests for that area and/or have the mandatory task after you've completed your first 16.

*Alinda Greenwood
  • Riptide Molly - Sea Hag miniboss wandering outside the mines
  • Healing Harvest - gather vine blooms and shrooms (shrooms from the mines)
  • Herbal Malady - Collect Gurglewort Sap, add it to Humanoid food crates in Glimmerstone or Silverdrip
  • Alinda's Bounty - Collect Olhydra's Emblems (drops)
  • Mysterious Symbol - find symbol (drop) check it against book
  • Sea Hag Slaying - kill sea hags
  • Heroic Encounter: Breaking the Ice
*Udo Stonekin
  • Deepclaw - sea troll miniboss in Silverdrip mine
  • Needful Things - Supply crates from Silverdrip or Glimmerstone
  • Silver Strike - get silver ore from Silverdrip
  • Sea Trolling - Kill sea trolls
  • Goldseeker's Folly: Mine Rescue - rescue miners
*Bellan Norell
  • War Machines: Destroy 3 war machines at nearby keep
  • The Tidemaster - boss in Glimmerstone
  • Reptillian Reavers: Hunt Lizardmen
  • Shock Troops - kill trolls in Silverdrip AND lizardfolk in Glimmerstone (only in the mines)
  • Heroic Encounter: Ranger Rescue - at nearby ruined fort
  • Goldseeker's Folly: Rogues Gallery - kill minibosses in the mine
  • Heroic Encounter: Subterrenan Surge - Gold level Heroic, tucked away in a dungeon


The most efficient way to clear this part I found was to AVOID THE KEEP in the Northeast of the map as there's a lot of pointless and dangerous fighting in there. After completing your 16 tasks here you will get a mandatory quest to raid it anyway. Ideally bring the two Sea Hag's Hold quests when you do make the trip to maximize your time there. Be careful of a lizardman ambush at the pool part of that instanced dungeon too.

Most of the tasks here involve killing lacedons and hags, or collecting merchant goods. ALL of these can be found near the camp. Collect merchant goods from the cultist camp just to the right of the Hill camp (stand at the fire at face the road). Ten steps and you are there.

  • The Render - lacedon boss
  • Undead from the Deep - lacedons
  • Drowned Menace - kill lacedons
  • Green-Eyed Monsters - get a hag eye
  • Attack on Blackdagger Keep - kill enemies, destroy supplies at the keep.
  • Heroic Encounter: Pillaging the Pillagers - HE located deep in the keep.
*Ranolf Kemp
  • High Road Warning - post signs
  • Getting Goods - recover trade goods from monsters (use the nearby cultist camp)
  • Taking Stock - recover merchant wares (from keep OR mobs, use the nearby cultist camp)
  • Heroic Encounter: Merchants in Distress
  • Crushing the Crushing Wave - slay cultists
  • Maelstrom - mini boss cultist in keep area
  • Hateful Horrors - kill green hags
  • Heroic Encounter: Cultist Ambush (very near the camp, high chance for assists)
  • Ranger Reports - gather reports
  • Scaly Persuasion - kill cult agitators
  • Life Guarding - free captives (found in watery lacedon areas)
  • Mossy Meg - hag boss just outside the keep
  • Sea Hag's Hold: Down the Drain - drain pool
  • Sea Hag's Hold: Worse Than Death - free captives

After you have finished these and the mandatory quest I suggest you go to Reclamation Rock and do the quests there, coming back afterwards to do the final area with better gear and feats for an easier time. Your call though.


The main problem here is that most of the quests lead across the map to the beach, wasting a bit of time on travel. Make sure that the four quests you pick up are completed before coming back. The Inn tasks on the other hand, are right beside the camp. If you do those, complete them and hand them in / pick up replacements before going to the beach. A word of warning with the Inn - on the main level, enemies from upstairs can and will aggro you so expect to fight more than one enemy group when you get there.

*Guard Harris
  • False Priests - kill cultists in Inn (careful once you exit the basement)
  • Avenging the Guard - kill cultists (30)
  • Beach Combing - collect salvage (pick up)
  • A Seafood Diet - collect crab meat (10 drops - not all crabs have meat though), eel grass (pickup 5)
  • Slade the Thricedrowned - miniboss cultist
  • Stolen Memories - recover mementos (drops x5) Abysmal drop rate.
  • Breathless - recover necklace of air breathing (drop x1) Slade Thricedrowned usually has it.
  • Surge - miniboss water ele
  • Stemming the Tide - kill water eles (20)
  • Water Warriors - kill water eles (24)
  • Heroic Encounter: Aquatic Elf Abduction - HE silver level
  • Heroic Encounter: Fountain of Fear - HE gold level, hard
  • Waterbourne Warning - deploy 3 buoys at the beach
  • Hullbreaker - miniboss troll
  • The Ravenous Host - kill lacedons (12) - probably tired of them by now though :P
  • Heroic Encounter: No Room at the Inn - HE (silver tough, starts at main floor so multiple groups right away)

After finishing that, you just have to do a few tasks for the Sea Druid hiding in a tree then you can go fight Gar Shatterkeel in the Sea Cave instance. Like most Neverwinter Bosses, he summons adds as he loses HP. They are finite, so if you kill the adds you will win eventually (Gar is basically a caster so most of his attacks are easy enough to evade, just kill him slow). Alternatively, just lure him far away from his starting spot to eradicate him at your leisure.

Once that is done, just one more trip through the "hard water" is required to collect the Seed of Water and you are done! I wonder if anyone has actually drowned in there.


  1. Good guide, and matches my own experiences with that one zone. The entry camp wasn't so bad because everything was at least close together, but at the hill camp you really start to feel the grind, especially with the quests to go to the keep... it's just such a long way away and there are so many mobs. The first time my pet tank and I tried to do the heroic encounter in the keep, we had run out of time by the time we actually made it to the encounter area...

    1. Yeah, the Keep is a terrible time sink as you cannot avoid the fights there and enemy groups are packed so tightly you'll probably multi-aggro. In a way the final beach part is safer as most of the encounters there can be avoided .