Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Passion of the Christ

I hope you like blood and subtitles.

For anyone that celebrated Easter for the other reason beside chocolates, this movie basically follows the Stations of the Cross starting from the garden of Gethsemane and onwards. For everyone else, this story focuses on a man gifted with healing and prescience, and how (almost) everyone else condemns him to suffer and die, mainly because he claims he is the son of God.

I spend the whole movie getting beaten up!

While there is a LOT of blood and torture in this film, it doesn't go as far as the gorier movies I've reviewed before. It is also not in English, which actually works in it's favor I think as the Romans speak Latin and everyone else speaks in tongues I am not familiar with (Hebrew)? Costumes and settings are awesome and it also makes subtle use of CGI for things you wouldn't think of. Well, things I didn't think of. They do get a bit heavier handed towards the end.

Most of my problems come from expecting stuff from the story as I've heard it enough times. Little things like, I expected Herod to be an old dude (unless that Herod was succeeded by another Herod)? Jesus seems to only have four disciples? The inclusion of death / the devil was an interesting one but ultimately unnecessary as he too ended up just being a spectator. It was funny to see Jesus curbstomp a snake though. Didn't hear of that in any version! Lol! :P

If know about the Stations of the Cross and can stomach the blood and subtitles then you will probably enjoy this movie which I give three and a half bloody nails out of five. For everyone else, I'm not sure what you'd get out of it as the last scene would not make sense at all and probably provoke a "What was the point of all that?". Regardless, it's not something I'd be looking forward to seeing again.

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