Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Frozen (and) Tangled

Two Disney movies that can get you stuck to your seat.

Frozen is the story of two sisters, the elder being locked away (by choice) from society to hide her ice-themed magic. Tangled is the story of a girl who has magic powers and is hidden away secretly by a selfish kidnapper in a tower hidden deep in the woods. In both stories, the previously isolated girl is set free near the beginning of the tale and endures some form of chase, being tricked by someone, and learning something.

Frozen beats Tangled in the catchy music department. As of this post Tangled's (Spoiler in Link) "I See the Light"  which is perhaps my favourite song in that film has around 150,000 results on Youtube. Doing the same search for Frozen's (Spoiler in Link) "Let it Go" returns 3.x million and has some ludicrous variations (no spoiler here, just silliness by Mikey Bustos).

While not as popular in the song department, I think Tangled has a better story. Tangled's characters all play an important part too, even the side characters that have no voice lines like Pascal the chameleon and the horse, Maximus. In Frozen, Cristoph has to "translate" for Sven the reindeer. Why? You also have a lot of throw away people that are seemingly just there to take space and/or plug in another song. Specifically those rock trolls and Olaf the snowman who literally walks into a scene from stage left and sings his solo soon after.

I also like that Tangled has a wider array of background art instead of just interiors, snow and more of the same. If you have ever done a 3D course you will know that organic stuff like leaves and grass are harder to pull off than say, stone or ice. There's also a bigger variety of environments in Tangled to show off those textures as opposed to Frozen's icy tundra.

I give Frozen four snowballs out of five while Tangled gets four and a half out of five locks of hair. Both are good movies, and I would watch both again. :)

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  1. I have always really liked animated movies, so it would be really great if I could start watching more of them. I haven't been keeping up with many animated movies, so it would be great to start watching a few more. I would especially like to read more about Tangled and learn more about it, because it sounds like it is really fun and really great. I will start seeing if I can find these movies so that I can watch them. Thank you for the great post!