Thursday, 21 February 2013

What's up DAHL?

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

With things quiet now at New Haven I pushed on into the Rust Commons zone which is so large it is actually split up into two maps. Not far into it I'm attacked by yet another giant fire breathing rakk, this one more dangerous than the last since it liked to strafe low (the previous one stayed high) but this also meant I could target him with my rockets and in short order he was gibbed into tiny pieces.

Deeper in, at another dig site I met the researcher Patricia Tannis who seems to be going crazy from loneliness. Like me, she is looking for "the vault" and seems to have proof that it can only be opened every 200 years (which happens to be soon). I also learn from her that a the large DAHL corporation had previously been looking into this too, with their cheap workforce of convicts. They gave up and left all the scum in this region which explains why there are so many nut jobs around.

Anyway, Dr. Tannis sends me to fetch an artifact she had left with Crazy Earl for safekeeping. Leaving anything for safekeeping with someone whose first name is "crazy" doesn't sound wise to me, but I go to his scrapyard anyway and after killing him some bandits and skags and bribing him with lots of booze he informs me that artifact he was "holding on to" was taken by a bandit named Krom.

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