Wednesday, 27 February 2013

One hot board game! :)

I got Operation Flashpoint: Fire Rescue around two weeks ago and have now played it almost as many times as my other cooperative game, Arkham Horror. It is a lot of fun, goes pretty quick (in comparison to Arkham) and obviously my playing group (which includes my grandparents!) really like it. The premise is simple: there's a house on fire and your team has to control the flame while getting people out. Sounds easy, and on the novice level it really is - especially with more people. The less players in this one the harder it is - that's what I've found anyway.

A typical game lasts from 30 minutes (2 players) to 2 hours (6 players) and it also is pretty quick (10 mins) to setup from the box (as opposed to Arkham's 25+ with all the cards and tokens). Veteran level starts seeing the fire being -very- annoying though and more so with heroic as the odds that the flame gets extra "turns" increases exponentially. If you like co-op dice rolling stuff then I highly recommend it! :)

As an aside we also did play another round of Arkham Horror, this time against the King in Yellow. We just couldn't seal the gates with his extra power and after 6 hours were not lucky enough to defeat Hastur in combat, even with a shotgun-wielding, blessed nun. :p

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