Monday, 25 February 2013

A Lance of Crimson

My journal through Borderlands! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Since I was nearby, I decided to investigate smoke signals coming from the nearby settlement of Old Haven. What I found wasn't pretty. It was a trap set by the Crimson Lance (the local military) to lure and eliminate the bandit scum in the area and from the number of bodies it was very effective. Still, I had to shut these signals off incase some hapless non-bandit wandered in (as rare as they are) and as expected these well armed and armored soldiers were much more dangerous than the crazies outside.

Like this, just more red and less Japanese.

None of my weapons had an easy time getting past their armor so it was a case of accuracy for headshots or spraying and praying half the time. Worse still, their numbers seemed limitless! After many close calls I managed to disable all the smoke stacks though then hurriedly made my escape with a backpack FULL of loot. Seriously the profits in this region are insanely high, especially compared to the cold forests nearer the zone.

Anyway, nearby I met the bandit Taylor Kobb who lowered the bridges for Tannis. In exchange he wants me to ice his brother Jaynis who controls a nearby town. After fighting the Crimson Lance this is a cake walk and after clearing the town of all hostiles and a side trip to eliminate the scythid Slither whom the religious nutjobs were worshiping, I return to New Haven to collect my reward from Taylor's contact there.

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