Friday, 7 September 2012

Two of Nine

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! In this entry I am following my custom scenario "A Curse of Iron". You can follow the rest of the story here!

As the seminar on "Restoration as a valid school of Magic" began I quietly questioned suspects beginning with the high elf girl Faralda, however she seemed clean. Next was the dunmer Drevis and right away I knew I had my man, especially when he kept expressing his desires for the Eye of Magnus. Kept him busy until the seminar ended and people began to leave. Once I thought we were the last two I shoved my sword into his gut, killing the bastard and looting an undecipherable letter from his corpse. I wasn't as quiet as I had originally thought however as Faralda came rushing back in to fight me. I quickly ducked up the stairwell and hid, letting her pass me on the way up while I made my way back to Tolfdir.

He was understandably upset but after reading the letter discovered that Drevis is just part of a group working for the Thalmor! The spell really was just to covertly weaken what could become a threat to them later on. Seems like they didn't want to just march in and start up the whole war again. Tolfdir suggested these agents would be scattered across all the towns which made sense, as it was pointless to have spies all in the one spot. Furthermore he believes all of them had a part in the curse placed on me, and I would either need to break their will or eliminate their life force to rid myself of the magic. Alas the letter didn't specify who exactly I needed to track down so I'd need to ask around in each town.

Thanked the old guy and snuck out of Winterhold now that I was a wanted man here too. Decided traversing the mountain was the safest path South, and other than witnessing a fire and ice mage duel in the distance, sneaking past a sleeping bear, and killing a few wolves I made it to Windhelm with no issues where FINALLY there were tanning racks! Using the many leathers I had acquired on the way my first order of business was creating a full set of superior leather armor. Well, almost full. I couldn't stand wearing the helmet - something with this curse made it unbearably hot to wear. Now that I was geared up nicely it was time to find the Thalmor agent in this city, and put an end to their miserable life!

Stopped by the two taverns in town for clues but there was no one that gave off that "vibe". Decided it maybe someone higher up and ventured into the castle. It wasn't the mage, or the cleaner, or the body guard dude. It was... Ulfric!? That made no sense (stupid dice) but thinking about it now, he probably felt I was a threat to his High crown. No matter his reasons, I knew what I had to do. I wouldn't be as careless as I was in Winterhold, especially given this guy's reputation in battle. No. I just waited till he slept, then killed him in his bed. No witnesses.

Because I have less style than this guy.

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