Sunday, 9 September 2012

Even the Smallest Person

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! In this entry I am following my custom scenario "A Curse of Iron". You can follow the rest of the story here!

Slipped out of the Palace and decided to visit my house in town, raiding the pantry and cooking up a feast (I like my healing :P), then it was right out the front gates on the road South before anyone found the dead king. Started out pretty easy going, coming across a friendly stormcloak patrol and easily beatable wolves then became trickier once I snuck through the basin and was making my way to higher ground again - slaying a sabre cat and then getting caught in a watch tower by a giant bear. The persistent creature was too tough to kill so with no options I just timed it when it was on the wrong side of the tower and made a bolt for Shor's Stone where a guardlady promptly apprehended me - telling me to surrender. I thought about it for a second, and figured it would be the easiest and fastest way to Riften so I let myself get put into prison.

Wasn't there long though, as I easily lockpicked my way out and retrieved my gear (along with extra food) while sneaking around the patrol. Once I was topside, there would be no sneaking though - too many guards. Instead I led the merry chase to the graveyard where I used the secret thieves guild tomb to escape. Or so I thought. No less than six guards followed me into the base much to my surprise as well as Brynjolf who immediately attacked them. Laughing at this turn of events (I finally got the guards down here) I slipped out to the Ragged Flagon where I was no longer pursued, so I took the time to stock up on even more stuff then made my way out of the Ratway.

Snuck on the lower "water" level before climbing up to reach the tavern undetected. The two argonian lovers were not that happy to see me, but changed their tune when I told them Brynjolf's fate. They also gave me a hint of who the agent in town could be, but since no one was in the tavern I decided to raid their food supply which they let me do (surprisingly) and cook up more food. Before beginning my investigation. The area outside was dangerous due to patrolling guards so I could only check the beggar and the pawnbrokers who all seemed to be on the level. At the Blackbriar meadery I thought it may had been a snooty high elf who was exiting as I entered but she seemed fine too. Then I turned my attention to Ungrien the "lowly" employee bosmer behind the counter and could tell that he was my target.

No one would suspect an honest, hard working little bosmer right? The ebony sword underneath the counter didn't give it away at all. Shoved my iron blade through his spine then made my way out the back door to the docks (which is a surprisingly good spot for food scavenging) before swimming my way out of there.

Beware: Potential Thalmor agent!

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