Friday, 12 March 2021

A Building Review: Defense Grid Skylines of Tropico 5

Something for every constructor!

Cities: Skylines

Of this trio, this is absolutely the weakest of the set - and while it promises to be a fun, sandbox city builder it is very much not that. With an almost non-existent tutorial it will be down to trial and error on how to get the essentials to your zones and the sewage out. Interestingly enough, you don't have to care too much about specifics: just mandate something is a residential or industrial zone and buildings of said type will begin to spawn there. All up it didn't really gel with me and actually felt very cold to new players. One chirper out of five - not worth playing.

Insight: The Chirper "app" at the top of the screen will provide tips, but is generally just an annoying nuisance.

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Mindless enemies makes only funding your true adversary.

Kleptomanic aliens have come to steal power cores from various bases on the planet, and its up to you and your AI helper to build indestructible weapon towers to stop them! This tower defense game is way more fun than the above, and features a good learning curve which introduces each tower and new enemies slowly. In some missions, your construction even determines the path these thieves will take so it's very much a puzzle game as well. Decent and fun, I give this two power cores out of five.

Insight: Hold down the F key to speed things up.

Tropico 5

Dictatorship has never been so fun. This time around, you will be governing across a few different time periods - starting from the colonial age where you have a time limit to declare independence from the king, then all the way through until modern times with each era unlocking their own new technologies and problems. This along with helpful quests makes the learning curve really easy. As usual there is a strong amount of humor to be had here as well, and an optional sandbox mode if you don't want to play through the campaign. It can be ridiculous, but it is also very fun. Three dynasties out of five.

These random events are great!

Insight: Don't neglect to build more teamster buildings or you will suffer in the later eras.

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