Monday, 8 March 2021

Dark Anime: Goblin Slaying Terraformars

Definitely not for kids!

Goblin Slayer

Individually weak, goblins use strength in numbers... to gang rape women.

This anime adventure series certainly starts with a shock, graphically depicting just what goblins do to foolish adventurers, but once you get past episode one the remainder of their misdeeds is generally a given and no longer blatantly shown on screen.

Don't mess with him!

A pretty good decision I think, as we can follow the titular Goblin Slayer and his merry band murder lots and lots of goblins in many violent ways. Not amazing storywise but not bad either. As of this post there's only one season out and I'm definitely watching if any more are released.

Goblin Slayer: The Goblin's Crown

The first thirty minutes of this movie is a recap of the season one, with the remaining time being spent on the actual adventure which obviously involves captive women and a fortress full of goblins. Not sure why they decided to make this a movie instead of just slotting it in the season somewhere because it really just fills like filler. Definitely skippable unless you are a Goblin Slayer fanatic. I give it one and a half brandings out of five and wouldn't watch it again.

Terra Formars (Anime)

When science goes horribly wrong.

After an initial attempt to terraform Mars with algae and roaches, scientists are horrified to discover said roaches have grown into violent primitive man-sized monsters.

Unable to leave them alone (partially due to looking for a cure to a Martian related disease back on Earth), they've decided to augment themselves with various traits of other animals too.

Things go bad quickly.

And so, the battle for the red planet commences filled with gratuitous amounts of gore. This is EPIC. Alas, season 2 decides to drop that a bit and go more a Dragonball route which is less epic but still ok I guess?

Combine that with the fact that half of each episode is people on Earth explaining peoples powers makes it for really awkward watching. Not one I really recommend, but hey, if you're looking for more shows where people literally get torn into pieces this might be one for you!

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