Friday, 19 March 2021

Game Slayer: Culling the ones I didn't get into

Getting free games from the Epic games store is great, but free doesn't always mean that it will fit my tastes. This is one such "bad" batch that I'm not getting into.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

This was already on the back foot as a pure PvP shooter game, but I thought I'd give it a try since I enjoyed Battlefield 2142. Alas, I can't play it at all as there are never any servers available to me, regardless of match type. Searching via direct gives a short list, all with always 0 people playing. That's now the same level as my interest in this worthless garbage.

Layers of Fear 2

I hated the first game. This one has a better engine and possibly plot but it still is a one way walking / running simulator with monsters and jump scares. It also still heavily relies on "you walk into the dead end closet, turn around and find you are somewhere else entirely" way too much. Ultimately, its a polished turd but still a turd.

Welcome to the rail road.

Galactic Civilizations III

This 4X game is OK but holy crap is it SLOW. You will really feel those years go by as you wait for research to finish or for your ships to get anywhere (even on the smallest map). You also can't directly control combat despite managing everything else. It should be renamed to galactic snooze fest.

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Drive, slide, jump and crash (a lot) to ultra chillaxing tunes. This is actually pretty fun but I'm simply no good at it. Regular driving is hard enough, so drifting is a bit beyond me. Recommended to those who like driving games!

Good thing you are indestructible.

Jurassic World Evolution

Did you ever want to construct one of those dinosaur parks where things go wrong and people get eaten? Now is your chance! This sim-zoo is actually pretty fantastic. Good graphics, easy interface, clear goals, a helpful tutorial and very little down time make this quite enjoyable.

Best part of the game.

I quite like that they also made a FPS bit once you have ranger vehicles to control AND have voice lines from people from the movies. The only reason its on this list is I just dislike sim-(insert building here). That doesn't stop me from seeing its good qualities. Highly recommended to those who do enjoy this sort of thing.

Killing Floor 2

Survive against waves of horrible monsters and collect their cash to buy more ammo, weapons and gear before the next wave arrives. It's a formula that worked in the first game and here everything is just better. More player classes to level up, more monsters, lots more maps and customizable difficulty make it a great co-op game.

So why is this here? Because GTFO is better. I'm also in the boat that FPS games shouldn't use leveling - everything should be player skill. Still recommended if you don't have / don't like GTFO though.

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