Monday, 4 June 2018

Deadpool 2

Even better than last time!

Once again Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as Deadpool, and with a less predictable script this time around, a handful of cameos, funny jokes and violent action sequences this is definitely now one of my favorite movies.

The bestest of frenemies!

The main negative I can find with it is that a lot of the humor will go over heads of people who haven't been watching (or have forgotten) all the other popular movies as of late (at least superhero ones).

Other than that it is an extremely well made action flick that has some surprisingly moving segments. It should be no surprise that I'm giving this five bowls of foreshadowing out of five. Will I watch it again? Yes! Even though I already watched it twice at the cinema! :)


  1. I've been hearing mostly good things from my friends, which is a sigh of relief from me. I was afraid it'd be hit by the "sequel is not as good as the original" slump.