Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Skyrim: Blood Lust

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Jarl "bloody" Agnar's idea of a rescue mission.

Upon reporting of Kolgrim's death, Agnar orders we seize the advantage and basically kill everyone. This is a little hectic as there are a LOT more soldiers once we get out of the building but with much use of slow time and my speed bonus, I keep everyone alive up to the main gates. That's when we run into problems - Yngvarr rides up with a group of his elite warriors and demands Agnar to hand over the keys in exchange for everyone's lives. Being a moron, Agnar agrees.

Yngvarr rides off at the start of the melee and his elite warriors turn out to be pretty decent, especially since I hadn't yet recovered from the initial "escape". While my people survive the battle, the only other survivors are Agnar and his son. In a rage Agnar rallies his small army when we get back to Amber Creek, so that we may wage war directly on Yngvarr's fortress. Why he didn't do that at the start is a mystery, but just from the above it's clear he's not the smartest person around.

I'm tasked with clearing the gates for the main force.

In what feels more like a small skirmish, Agnar's forces quickly penetrate Yngvarr's defenses but once again the coward flees while his elites cover his escape. To be fair, if he gets the Heart of the Gods he becomes immortal so, it's a pretty good excuse. Agnar orders my team to go after him.

Probably because I've got the first ever space marine with me.

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