Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Dark Souls: Over the Edge

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Fortunately I didn't break anything in the fall, and there -was- loot to collect down here. There was also a trembling leaf of a woman saying that she and her two allies were also tricked by Patches. Her allies were now hollow though, so I had to kill them - which proved easy after all that practice I had against Lautrec and his crew. After slaying the other mandatory odd undead things here I found a ladder back to Patches, who begged for forgiveness. I said no, and slashed at him. The fight was on!

To his credit, he was a decent spear user but not as decent as I was in parrying people with spears. After executing the scum I continued into another large and pitch black chamber - with giant arrows flying out of the darkness! Not willing to put up with this BS I opted to once again sprint passed everything. Fortunately the direction of the place was "down" and there were many parts where I could just jump to a lower level to avoid monsters.

Look at the size of these things flying out of the darkness!

Eventually the wall I was following led out into an open ledge overlooking Ash Lake, and it is here that Paladin Leeroy - having been corrupted by whatever was ahead I suppose - attacked me. His use of miracles caught me by surprise (which is silly since "Paladin" is in his name) which made it a tough battle. In the end I ran him through and let him stagger backwards off the cliff. The baby hydras need to eat something after all.

Rule of Cool: Don't look back at your defeated foe.

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