Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dark Souls II: Pity there's No Pity

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I opt to venture another direction from Majula, this time into a watery tunnel that leads to some gorgeous, sinking ruins. There are many white knights sitting around injured but since I can't help them, I just push forward - doing my best to explore while avoiding the slow giant warriors guarding the place. Eventually I find a boss room of some fat knight who really enjoys insta killing me by knocking me off the platform into the deep water below.

Come back for more? Ho ho ho!

After numerous attempts I think he must have gotten bored since he decided to jump into the water himself! Just above his arena I find the slightly evil cleric, Licia, who offers to sell me miracles. Ain't got the souls for it lady. After a bridge, some spiraling stairs, and more running I find myself in a really dark underground dock where distant archers relentlessly snipe me. Having had enough of that BS I use a bonfire just before that zone to warp back to the forest where my life is made a little easier as an undead soldier explodes open a shortcut for me.

Just when I think the bad guys are taking pity on me, I find a room where I get shot at by five balistas, get ganked by soldiers "playing dead", and after actively ignoring the warning of adventurer named Pate, willingly enter a trap where I still get swarmed and die. Pate laughs at my misfortune and gives me a white soapstone for my trouble. Because I stink.

PSA: Getting hit by multiple siege weapons at the same time can be fatal.

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