Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Thomas Was Alone

Can a square think outside the box? Thomas definitely tries!

At its heart, this game is a rather tame puzzle platformer (at least compared to Super Meat Boy) that has taken the odd but graphically less taxing path of using squares and rectangles of different colors as the main characters. Art wise I like that despite this, there is still dynamic lighting and most of the levels are tilted slightly. There is also decent piano music and very good narration that helps the player understand what is going on from the otherwise featureless world.

Can you feel the excitement?

While this does help it stand out there are many times that flow just doesn't make sense. That sort of breaks the deal for me as its almost like the Narrator is blatantly lying to the audience at parts, or is just as lost as to why people... *ahem* blocks... keep getting separated story wise and not just because the next stage is designed for so and so. For me, this game was a good idea that didn't get seen through to the end. I give it 2 out of 5 angles, and cannot really give it my recommendation to anyone.

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