Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Godzilla (2014)

There's a shortage of one thing in this movie. I'll give you a hint - it's in the title.

To be fair, when Godzilla does show up it is fricking cool and fans of the great beastie will be pleased with his rendition here I believe. The problem is that the movie focuses on people who are more or less really unimportant to the story - useless kid? Check. Generals and soldier types that make really, really stupid decisions? Check. Scientist that does no science and is only there to spout lore? Check. "Lore hook" Scientist's AIDE!? Check.

What's really frustrating is that almost each time the CGI starts to ramp up, there's a cut away back to some other character - maybe watching it on a TV, or running away like a slow running native... and the movie STICKS TO THE LESS EXCITING PART for what feels like a long time. Sure enough, when it cuts back to the action, the action is actually over and you just get scenes of distraught people and rubble.

Take a good look! You won't be seeing me for awhile!

Eventually we get to see Godzilla fully do his thing, and boy that is absolutely beautiful, but I'm not sure it was worth sitting through the tepid storyline to get through to it. I give this movie two missiles out of five. The other three totally missed and hit civilians trying to escape the theater.

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