Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Diary of a Marked One

A journal about my re-run through Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl using the mega Stalker Soup MOD. I've previously won this game (as well as Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat, and Metro 2033) years ago but the new gameplay mechanics are bound to keep things fresh and exciting. Even if they don't I'm such a big fan of the Stalker series that I wouldn't mind playing it again anyway! I had originally thought to just go in using "the Collector" which begins the gameplay -after- the main story is finished but where's the fun in that?

Later on I'm continuing the tale in Borderlands which has a similar setting to the Stalker universe anyway.

And so, after ramping up the difficulty to the hardest mode, the adventure through the radioactive zone begins...

1. Tripping out at the Cordon 
2. Wrong side of the Tracks 
3. Another Mans Treasure 
4. In-depth Research
5. A Bar full of Bullets 
6. Rostok Rumba
7. Southern Circuit
8. Descent Into the Dark Valley 
9. Escape from the Dark Valley
10. Surprises in the Swamp
11. One Heck of a Detour
12. Drive and Draw
13. Return of the Yantar
14. Another Lab of Horror
15. Guns make the World go around
16. Night of the Full Moon
17. Breaking Dawn 
18. Anomaly at the End of the World
19. America! Fuck Yeah!
20. Monolithic Defense
21. Welcome to Lubech (moved to Stalker Online Beta)
22. Journey to the City
23. A Good Place
24. Country Walkabout 
25. Bear-ly Returning Alive
26. Crisscross Scouting
27. Station Lockdown
28. Bus to the Badlands (moved to Borderlands)
29. Let the Cleansing Begin
30. Steroids aren't the Key
31. Hammer Time
32. Auto Duel
33. Ghosts and Monster Trucks
34. Things Great and Small
35. What's up DAHL?
36. How to deal with Scum 
37. A Lance of Crimson
38. Sherrif of the Wastes
39. Melting Moments
40. There can be only One
41. Intentional Miscommunications
42. Impaired Living
43. The Best Cure is Bullets
44. Familiar Ground
45. Defeating the Creator
46. Memories of the Fall (moved to Farcry 3)
47. The Warrior's Path
48. Independent Princess
49. I've got the Stones
50. Deals and Devils
51. That's not a Knife
52. Peekaboo! Guess Who?
53. Trippin Balls
54. The South Island
55. Crazy Monkeys
56. This Little Piggy
57. Killing is Winning
58. A New Target
59. The Long Way Around
60. Gear Check
61. Bunker Down
62. Drug Worship 
63. Hard Earned Riches

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