Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wrong side of the Tracks

My journal through Stalker Soup - a mega mod for Shadows of Chernobyl! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I must have used up half the ammo I was carrying against the packs of dogs, boars and zombie rats going across the fields back to the rail bridge. Stargazer's pistol was getting good use. I was looking for "Guide" to get me back across the tracks but found him ripped to pieces near an anomaly filled tunnel, and it wasn't long before I found what got him - a bloodsucker, not 5 minutes away from the "newbie" village. Fantastic. In the original game you'd first encounter this thing like 2-3 maps away, but this time it was right here - scurrying half-invisible through the bushes and tall grass. I quickly climbed up to higher -clear- ground and a full pistol clip into its face put it down. Helps that I know how to shoot.

Not wanting to go through the dark tunnel I instead went to the military checkpoint on the road where the colonel offered me safe passage in exchange for vodka. In my previous run through I managed to kill him and his men with a single grenade but this time the good colonel had been buffed up incredibly (possibly god mode) so it sounded like a fair deal. He let me through and I traded some goods with his men before continuing on to clear some shoddy buildings of "flesh" mutants, then went to help a guy named Fox who had been bit by a few too many doggies. After patching him up, the said doggies arrived but were no match for him, Stargazer and Doc who had turned up out of the blue. Explored a nearby house and found a nice stash of medkits too and then... the sky turned red and the ground began to shake. A blowout!?

Yup. Time to run.

Had I known better I should have just stayed in that building but instead I made a mad dash back to the bunker at the newbie village, and everything else seemed to be dashing madly too. When I reached the bridge Colonel Vodka's group was on the run to a nearby factory ruin but one of his troop decided to open fire on me. I put him down quickly and took his gear before his buddies could get a bead on me. Before long I was safely underground (in a bunker with 12 dudes - funny) and the radioactive blowout was finished. Upon exiting I noticed something changed - All the fricking anomalies had moved! Way to keep you on your toes.

While there I decided to try buy a cheap vehicle from Sid - this turned out to be a small white car that was -very- broken. It couldn't even move as far as I could tell. No matter, it was more fun on foot anyway. Colonel Vodka's team was less friendly this time, opening fire on me as I approached for killing their dude. While I got the guy's rifle - he had no ammo for it and I was not looking to fighting a military squad with a pistol and a low ammo count so this time I braved the anomaly filled tunnel and came out the other side hurt, but alive.

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