Monday, 3 November 2014

Tales of the Blight: Stronger! Faster! Harder!

[Part of my Dragon Age: Origins play through. Spoilers ahead!]

We return to Denerim and easily find Marjolaine, Leliana's ex-teacher, ex-lover and current person trying to kill her. I guide the conversation to ensure combat and while Marjolane has some cool bard based stun tricks, she's not so clever in the moving department being quite helpless as we fill her full of arrows. The rest of her cronies are easily put down without her gimmicks.

While in town and now at the highest rank lockpicking (I've been busy) I also decide to do some jobs for the fence, Slim Couldry - mainly because his targets are related to Arl Howe. The first being Howe's mistress and the second raiding a warehouse with Howe's goods. While in the vicinity I also discover a flyer about Grey Warden supporters at the Pearl. This turns out to be a trap with more of Howe's men waiting to kill anyone lured to them. He sure lost a lot of stuff today! Hehehehe!

Finally I revisit that blood mage hideout with Morrigan. The patient scum didn't change anything the whole time we were away, so it is easy to pick up where we left off. Now that the team is in better gear and higher level we manage to finally clear it out fully. To celebrate, both ladies in the party shared my tent that night, though one after the other. Not sure if you can get them at the same time?

He likes me better!


  1. Arl Howe deserves all that and much more. I just wish I could see his face when he hears the news. Actually, next time I play Dragon Age: Origins I should play a rogue to do all that too. I just hate that guy. :p

    I also hate that blood mage hideout. There is only one other place I hate as much due to the difficulty.

    Concerning Morrigan and Leliana...

    ** possible spoilers **

    I don't think it is possible to get to sleep with both. I know you can get to sleep with Isabella (that NPC in the Pearl) and Leliana if you harden her first (by killing Marjolie and convincing her that she is just as bad as her teacher, I think).

    1. My sentiments exactly when it comes to Howe! I think I missed an opportunity with Isabella though as she's no longer there. o.o