Monday, 3 April 2017

Dragon's Dogma: No Salvation

Adventures of Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Upon returning the slates to Ser Maximillian, he gives us our next assignment of infiltrating attacking a Cult of the Dragon Salvation meeting taking place in the not so nearby catacombs and A peasant chubby lady named Sara volunteers to guide us there. Right outside the city gate there is a brief encounter where the city guards are trying to save a merchant wagon from goblins which should have been an easy fight, until a griffon comes along and wrecks everyone. Only my team, including the peasant lady, survives as the Griffon takes the dead Ox and flies off mid combat.

I'm curious why these are nocturnal.

Our journey then takes us through a creepy forest, and since night falls as we traverse it we are beset by numerous undead, including the fat "boomer" type that self explodes. One such creature explodes Sara into many directions. Fortunately Lily knows the way too, so we get to the catacombs and fight through even more of the walking dead to the second level where a surprise ogre manages to kill Monterrey by suiciding into a bottomless chasm, with her attached.

Soon after we find the Salvation meeting point and witness that Ser Julien is here, but he runs off as soon as our presence is made known. The ugly leader guy then kills all the gathered members and reanimates them into zombies to fight us, which is really dumb as from experience they are all much weaker than the generic bandits. Alas the ugly leader escapes but at least we open up a shortcut much nearer to Gran Soren for our return trip.


  1. Ok you are clearly zipping thru this game! I got bogged down in side quests hours before I got to where you are. Anyways how are you enjoying the game? Liking the ability to change out party members via the pawn system? Combat enjoyable?

    1. Oh good Unknown reader, these are condensed summaries that exclude a lot of those game hours which I too got bogged down in. My secret is that I've long completed the game, and only post the write ups afterwards so there is less chance for the narrative to get interrupted. :P

      For me Dragon's Dogma is very fun and the combat is quite entertaining once you get used to it! It's not my first instinct to climb up a cyclops or ogre you see. I mean... really, eww?

      The pawn system is cool, but I would have preferred if they perma-died. Maybe not the main pawn because of how the game goes, but certainly the "extras".

      My biggest gripe is all the walking. As nice as the terrain is, that's just filler. I made it a point to put Portstones in all corners as soon as I had enough. :P

  2. Ok thank you for revealing your secret heh - because my blog after a daily play would have read "went back to the inn to sleep for 12hrs then parkoured thru the town for 30min chasing a thief who I couldn't catch due to bad reflexes..."! You know I heard they added the portal stone thing for the pc release. I cannot imagine playing this game without it.

    1. That thief did take longer to catch than I'd like to admit. ;P And yes, without the Port Stones I probably would have dropped a -lot- of the side quests.

      You'd think a game that lets you climb and mount enemies might actually have... you know... mounts? :P