Sunday 4 October 2015

Sunset Six: Questioning Others

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Continuing with the Thought tests, the highest level one is called the Riddle of the Sphinx, which isn't asked by the Sphinx at all. The Sphinx just asks riddles made by other players! To pass the test though, not only do you need to answer riddles but you must make some of your own which are worthy enough to become "Noble" rank. To pass the evaluation stage your questions simply need to get rated "good" by others who see both the riddle and the answer.

I have a Question.

Once it progresses to a "Common" riddle, then people have to answer it "for reals" and this is where it will become a Noble rank or not. Within the first 21 responses the riddle must have 7 correct AND 7 incorrect answers to ascend. If that doesn't happen the riddle is marked as "fallen" and is out of the game. Now's a good time to mention that once a player has answered or evaluated a riddle it won't come up for him again so no cheating for balance. :P

That sounds pretty tough, but I think Pulse of the People is harder. A player creates a game station and posts some questions which people answer - just like a survey. When the survey is done, the true game begins and anyone who has not yet used that station can try answer the same questions. Points are awarded for the answers which were most popular during the survey phase.

Family Feud - Egypt Edition!

Obviously I've not been around long enough to be good at this game. :(

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