Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Basic Bread Crumbs

Part of my Recipes to Disaster journal.

Just thought I'd put this up here because I was totally surprised my wife didn't know how to make them and wanted to go buy a packet! What? My mom taught me this ages ago, and all you require is a large plastic bowl and some sandwich bread.

Why a large plastic bowl? To catch all the crumbs - this can be kinda messy especially if you're not used to it. Plastic, so it's light and you can keep in on your lap while watching TV!

Why sandwich bread? It's cheap and usually readily available. Don't waste your nicer breads by turning them into crumbs.

Step 1: Wash your hands. Soap & water.
Step 2: Get a slice of bread and tear it into a size that will fit within your hands, palms flat together and fingers straight - like you're praying.
Step 3: Now pretend that bit of bread is soap and "wash your hands" vigorously. Let crumbs fall into the bowl.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until you have enough crumbs. Any pieces that you deem to be too large, just pick up and atomize as before.

There you go. Piece of cake... erm... crumbs.

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