Tuesday 17 April 2018

Old TV Reviews: Seeker of Shannara, the Carter Chronicles

A continuation of my old TV show reviews.

Agent Carter (Cancelled)

AKA. The adventures of Captain America's girlfriend, this was a strange one to get into. Hayley Atwell did a good job portraying Peggy, but the episodes were very hit and miss for me. It was in the "not that bad" category when it got cancelled, and I think the events in Captain America: Winter Soldier nailed the coffin so to speak. A show for completionists, but not one I would recommend to anyone else.

Showing the proper way to deal with Hydra Nazis.

Legend of the Seeker (Cancelled)

Based off the Sword of Truth books, this series did the cardinal sin of going in a completely different direction. Sure, it can work if you veer off into tangents but not that far off the rails. I still found it interesting, and quite enjoyed Bridget Regan's Kahlan, Tabrett Bethell's Cara and Bruce Spence's Zedd - reason enough for me to want a 3rd season. They also had cool costumes, decent fight choreography and all that slow motion running. I can still picture it in my head. :P

Don't let this woman touch you.

The Shannara Chronicles (Cancelled)

Another fantasy story based on books, this one set interestingly on a future Earth. The story is decent, travels better than Legend of the Seeker and isn't shy in killing characters, while the sets and effects are good but not as good as Seeker. It also does suffer a little in pacing and in the acting department for the main cast outside Allanon (because Manu Bennet is awesome). It's a tough call for me to decide if it's better than Seeker, so I'll leave it up to you to watch both and decide for yourselves.

Post apocalyptic sword and sorcery.


  1. I wanted to like Agent Carter a lot more than I actually ended up liking it. As you say... it wasn't bad.... but that doesn't really mean it was good either. I love Enver Gjokaj becuz of how amazing he was in Dollhouse, and Hayley Atwell's good. I really enjoyed the blonde villain lady in the 2nd season, and the Jarvis character is hilarious, but overall the whole thing just never came together for me.

    Legend of the Seeker -- it was bad, and made moreso by what you said -- it veered off from the books. Yeah, the fight choreography was pretty decent, so it wasn't all bad, just... silly for the most part. But it also was the source of my longstanding crush on Bridget Regan, so it still has a bit of a warm spot in my heart for that. I loved her in Agent Carter also, but since this was the 1st show I saw her in, she gets the mention in this paragraph instead ;-)

    Shannara.... was laughably bad. But the girls were pretty in their impractical leather corsets, and my wife seemed to like it so we watched the 1st season. When the 2nd season came out though, we started watching the 1st episode and my wife started mocking it, so that was the end of it for us.

    1. Oh yes, I totally get the Bridget Regan crush. They made her look beyond amazing in Seeker. She also shows up in the Last Ship if you want more of her. Though not in white gowns or slow mo. :)

      Yeah Shannara had that teen spirit vibe going which I think it suffered for, though possible expected as it started on the MTV channel. I do have to say the impractical leather corsets are a plus for me though! ;p