Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Scumbag City

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

Having finished with the resort it was a comfortable drive straight into the city for the usual task of looking for supplies. Right at the get go we find ourselves near a church whose door is being rammed by a big dude in a straight jacket. Finally a decent opponent, but alone he is still no match for the 3 of us. There are lots of survivors inside the hall but generally they begin to all blend into some faceless form that just gives silly quests and we end up not caring about them. Especially the bastard who wants us to put posters for him all over town. Who exactly would see these anyway?

"Noww we know where to finnnnd yoouuuu!"

The town itself was pretty much a big rubbish pile, and DL was beginning to have difficulty to keep track of all his thrown weapons. Fortunately it seemed there were more than a few "bad" guys who were immune to the outbreak (I suspect Cinnamon is one of them), and majority of them are equipped with firearms. Guns are nice! They work well on people, not so good on the living dead though. Ofwhich there are pleeeennnnty. Oh yeah there's an exploding version too but they're so lame I almost forgot to mention them. The rammers when combined with a good number of other things did start putting up a decent fight though.

Quests and groups of survivors (both good and scum) are also big in number here - it's like this outbreak is a quasi-fail. If 3 of us can clear the streets just imagine what all of the survivors working together could do? Cowardly idiots. Taking control of the pump station from a group of non-zombie thugs is definitely a highlight in this section, and the most WTF moment came when we restarted once and were all kidnapped (glitched) to some military outpost in the jungle (next area?) which we had to fight our way out of and walk back to the dirty city.

Apparently some punks have taken over the police station too and keep broadcasting about it on the radio. Jim reeeeally wants to get in there and shut them up but we haven't found a way in yet. Also on the radio Cinnamon tells us to hurry up and mentions that he wants to kill a little girl in passing. So glad we're taking orders from him.

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